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HR Monthly is a range of people management tools, enabling your managers to quickly give their teams what they need when they need it, resulting in a healthier and happier workforce, while leaving management free to focus on the operation. A healthier and happy workforce is a higher performing one!

We can help you decide which HR Monthly products and services are right for you and you can add to these at any time.


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Any time a people issue arises call us and we will respond within 24 hours and put your mind at rest.

Secure online access to any HR documents produced for you with the added benefit of customisable HR letters and forms.

Online software that centralises, simplifies and automates your people management, so you can focus on your company goals.

Web-based time and attendance software that makes it easy to track employee working hours and prepare payroll. Compare worked and scheduled hours, and easily monitor absence and lateness.

Plan your rota online in minutes, and spend even less time sending them to staff. Manage your shift swaps, time off requests and annual leave all in one place

Any time you need someone to administrate a people matter call us and we will diligently produce any correspondence required.

Any time on site support is needed for a more complex HR matter call us and we will be there.

The Features

  • HR Adviceline – for your managers to call us on for advice and guidance when employment situations arise
  • HR Templates – access to every customisable form and letter you will ever need during the life cycle of an employee
  • HR Software – online holiday booking, company policy sharing, sickness absence reporting, objective setting, time recording etc
  • HR Letters – to accompany our HR Software will relieve your managers of creating HR letters to employees by doing this for them
  • HR Meetings – for when your managers to resolve more complex HR matters as they arise

The Benefits

  • Knowledgable – you can go into meetings with employees knowing what you need to say and when to say it
  • Confident – that the documents you are using comply with government advice and employment law
  • Informed – that the data you are using upon which to base your decisions e.g. sickness absence data, working time data etc is accurate
  • Time – to focus on the operation while we create any letters needing to be sent to your employee
  • Relieved – that we were able to come to site and carry out the procedure for you in line with ACAS guidelines, company policy and best practice


How does the HR Templates Portal work?

Simple, when you sign up we will send you a link to the HR Templates with login details. You can access your secure files containing resources you can download and use.

How do the HR Site Visits work?

Simple, you call us with the date you need us and will attend at a mutually convenient time.

How does HR Administration work?

Simple, you will call us with a people issue and we will produce any letters needed, these will be placed in your HR Portal for you to download and post.

How does HR Time & Attendance work?

Simple, when you sign up we will send you a link to the HR Time & Attendance with login details. Clock in & out straight from your smartphone, timesheets are generated Instantly and absences flagged automatically. prepare payroll in minutes, not hours.

How does the HR Helpline work?

Simple, you call us when you need us and talk through your people issue and we advise you and where appropriate direct you to the correct resources.

How does the HR Software work?

Simple, when you sign up we will send you a link to the HR Software with login details. You can customise your Company’s general settings i.e. holiday year, entitlements, work patterns etc., then add your employees.

How does HR Rota Work?

Simple, when you sign up we will send you a link to HR Rota with login details. Plan your rota online in minutes, and spend even less time sending them to staff. Get started in minutes, safe, secure and backed up. Cancel any time.

How much do HR Monthly cost?

We like to keep things simple and affordable, so prices are upwards of £35 per month depending on employee numbers and the HR Monthly products selected.

New Brewery Arts

Beth Alden, New Brewery Arts, Cirencester

We were finding it hard to navigate through the requirements and procedures of good HR, and I realised that wasn’t giving my employees the support or clear limits that they needed. Jayne’s advice via the HR Helpline is great, she responds when you need her and makes HR seem so clear. The HR Portal too is a great resource, I use it all the time. It really does take the hassle out of the day to day people management niggles, so I can focus on running the charity.


If HR Monthly isn’t quite right for you, we also offer HR Projects and HR PAYG services.