Enabling you to build the capability to achieve your business goals through your people.

Your business objectives are our business objective; we understand what needs to be done and develop the people strategies to deliver them.



Features & benefits





Building capability in people to deliver growth is part of what we do. Through developing robust job descriptions and going on to develop competency frameworks we can establish what good looks like. And through designing carefully thought out reward and recognition scheme we can reward ‘good’, when we see it.

Other HR Projects might include carrying out GDPR audits, HR policy and contract design, but the list of ways in which Peeps HR can add value to your business endless.

The Features

  • HR Professionals – are higher experienced professionals who will understand your business objectives and help you to deliver them
  • Outsourced – available on demand and no overhead
  • Flexible – able to adapt in order to deliver bespoke projects aimed at moving your company towards achieving its goals
  • Outcome focused – you tell us what outcome you want and we will design and lead projects that deliver them

The Benefits

  • Right solutions – offered, achieving desired outcomes quickly and effortlessly.
  • Free up cash – to put to better use, build capability and grow your business faster.
  • Limitless options – are aimed at achieving ever-changing goals or growth plans.
  • Strong employer brand – attracts the best talent away from your competitors.


What is an HR Business Partner?

Your HR Business Partner helps you to build the capability to achieve your goals through your people.

Why do I need a HR Business Partner?

Your HR Business Partner helps you to build the capability to achieve your goals through your people.

What kind of projects can an HR Business Partner deliver?

Any kind of project connected to your people that will take away your problems and give you back energy, ideas and solutions.

What does an HR Business Partner do?

We work with you to build compliance, quality and capability, ensure that you attract and retain the best talent; improve productivity; reduce costs; and improve your employee value proposition.

When do I need an HR Business Partner?

As we work together we’ll identify the gaps between where you would like to be and where you are now and develop a strategy that will move you closer to where you want to be.

How much does HR Business Partner cost?

Projects are scoped out and the time required is evaluated so that a fixed price can be given.

New Brewery Arts

Beth Alden, New Brewery Arts, Cirencester

Having Jayne as our HR Business Partner has been great. Peeps HR are local and so the process of reviewing where we were and what we needed to do was really straightforward (as well as thorough), there was time to question what we wanted to achieve as an organisation. We worked together on our policies, employee handbook and employment contracts and Jayne’s support and advice has really helped us develop as a charity and, I’m sure, saved us a lot of worry and headache.


If HR Business Partner isn’t quite right for you, we also offer HR Monthly and HR PAYG! services.