Earlier in the month we discussed company culture and why it’s important. Every organisation has a culture, regardless of whether you are putting effort into creating one. We discussed how it forms the backbone of a happy and motivated workforce and is an integral part of any business, no matter how big or small. The following article uncovers 7 simple steps you can follow to aid you on your journey of creating the best possible culture possible for your employees.


Your company values will undoubtedly change over time. It may be that they have already changed with the evolution of your business. Begin the New Year by brainstorming your company values as a team (team being the operative word) to make sure that everyone feels involved. If employees feel engaged from the start, they will be more likely to feel motivated and part of the journey and in turn, they will motivate one another along the way.


There’s no point in initiating a company culture program if you’re not intent on seeing it through. Don’t start something and make promises to your employees if you aren’t serious about creating a fantastic company culture within which your employees will thrive. In addition, continually encourage your employees to participate and brainstorm new ideas for the company. This will create a supportive environment in the workplace that nurtures both professional and personal growth.


Communication in any walk of life is of paramount importance. As soon as the lines of communication breakdown, the likeliness of success reduces significantly. And we don’t mean random chats by the coffee machine either; we mean positive communication to assist in encouraging a positive company culture. This can mean major messages from the board direct to the company or smaller, but none the less important, messages through the management hierarchy. It could mean reviewing the types of channels you use to encourage positive communication also. But whatever you do, make sure you are encouraging communication, every step of the way.


It’s easy to think that you’re doing a great job creating a culture as a Business Owner or Manager, but do the guys on the ground think the same? It’s important that you gain feedback from your employees to understand how you, as a company can improve and ultimately do better. And remember, any constructive feedback is good; it doesn’t have to be positive. The only way you can really improve is by gaining insight through negative or positive feedback and acting upon it. You could think about using performance reviews and the performance management process, employee surveys, 1-2-1’s or suggestion schemes, online or otherwise, and employee forums.


Reward programmes are closely linked with company culture – Essentially, you should give credit where it’s due and remember everyone is different. While some appreciate a quiet “thank you”, others like recognition of their efforts made public and while some like a gift, some would much prefer to be told they showed their expertise and did a great job. All employees are different and will have different motivations and goals, but ultimately, employees want to be appreciated for the work they do and good work shouldn’t go unnoticed. They also want to be treated fairly. An effective employee retention program will address all of these concerns and it goes beyond the basics of reward. It starts the day the employee joins the company, the training they receive and the associated reward program.


Respect is a two-way street and when a company provides flexibility to their employees, they will tend to be more motivated, dedicated and committed. Providing this means the company trusts and respects the individual and, as a consequence, this is reciprocated.

By flexible, we also mean allowing employees the freedom to explore different methods that will expand their mind set, allowing them to make mistakes increases learning.


It goes without saying that employees want to feel appreciated when they come to work, because at the end of the day, we all tend to spend more time at work than at home with our loved ones! Of course, as a Manager or Business Owner, you’re interested in making money, however, it’s important to show that you have genuine care and concern for your employees, so make sure they see this human aspect of yourself and the rest of the management team.

It’s also important that they see the fun side of Managers and the business itself. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little bit of fun into the environment, because adding humour into the workplace actually increases productivity as it promotes a positive attitude. Laughter and humour are known for their bonding qualities after all…

It’s important to focus on your customers, your products and or your services. However, it’s imperative that you don’t forget about your employees, because the behaviour and attitude of your employees is what creates the company culture. Moreover, these are the people selling your products for them to provide a fantastic service to your customers, they need to experience a positive company culture.

Your employees are looking for more than just a pay cheque at the end of each month. They want to feel fulfilled, motivated, respected and part of something really special. They will actually look forward to coming into work each morning. The above points may seem like common sense, but if you follow these simple steps you are already on your way to creating a great company culture – One in which your employees will thrive and want to remain. Should you need help with creating a positive company culture or implementing any of the associated programs online or otherwise, please don’t hesitate to contact me: on 01453 297557 or email enquiries@peepshr.co.uk.